A Quantum Leap in Imaging Performance

The flexFocus 400 exp delivers what you need for regional anaesthesia and pain medicine.

  • Premium performance at 18-2 MHz with efficiency and speed
  • Very fast frame rates for superb temporal resolution
  • Automatic mode adjustment (AMA) to optimise high resolution B-Mode
  • Imaging when changing modes and depth
  • Full 19″ high resolution monitor
  • Up to 4 hours of plug-free imaging
  • Award-winning design for mobility
  • Extensive range of transducers designed for anaesthesia

Choose from the high frequency linear transducer 8870 and the linear array transducer 8811 for upper/lower extremities along with the quick and clear curved array abdominal transducers 8823 and 8830 for special deep nerves or paravertebral/spinal applications.