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BK Medical is a leading provider of real-time image guidance in urology and surgery. The FlexFocus is uniquely suited for regional anesthesia, and BK Medical’s groundbreaking Quantum+ Technology takes its premium image quality to a level that meets the clinical needs of markets like intervention ultrasound, general imaging and point-of-care applications.

BK Medical’s innovations in transducer technology address the daily challenges of clinicians:

  • Transrectal transducer with simultaneous biplane imaging
  • 3D transducer with built-in mover for automatic image acquisition
  • Transrectal transducer with 3 imaging planes
  • Laparoscopic transducer with 4-directional movable tip and built-in needle guide
  • Smallest intraoperative transducer with simultaneous biplane imaging
  • Robotic-Assisted “drop-in”  transducer with curved linear array format