Blanketrol® III – Temperature Management Solutions

Blanketrol III…offers a cost-effective and convenient way to cool and warm your patients.

This temperature management system provides an effective alternative to traditional patient cooling techniques. Our revolutionary system combines the SMART technology of the Blanketrol III with the body surface area coverage of the Kool-Kit® for a non-invasive whole-body temperature management solution.

  •  The Blanketrol III offers simple programmable temperature management while still keeping the control in the hands of the caregiver.
  •  A higher flow rate combined with ease of application results in tight control of  temperature for time-sensitive therapies.
  •  The innovative gradient program minimises fluctuations in water temperature and maintains a stable patient temperature.
  •  The Data Export Software allows the caregiver to transfer the patient’s data and export it to EXCEL, where they have the ability to create graphs or charts.
  •  “Gradient Temperature Technology” allows for rapid or gradual heating & cooling
  •  Internal by-pass (pre-warming & pre-cooling of water in the unit)

The Blanketrol III, coupled with the Kool-Kit, provides an effective method for Whole Body Cooling. This application of patient cooling allows for treatment that is fast, cost-effective and easy to use.